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Welcome to your very own grading center. Here is the place where you can test for Student Grades by using our Video Evaluation Process.
Let us explain to you, how easy it is to use this revolutionary tool by using Student Grade #1 as an example.

Here’s what you have to do to test for a Student Grade:

1. Once you complete the program of the first level online or at a certified BDS school, you are eligible to test for promotion to the 1st Student Grade.
Award of the 1st Student Grade requires successful completion of all program elements listed in the Grading Sheets

2. For each program element (chapter), you have one minute to demonstrate all variations of the techniques in the exact order that we list them on the Grading Sheets.
Mixing the Lat Sao elements and fluently applying the emergency techniques are the most important segments of the evaluation since they test your reflexes, show us how you react under stress and how fluently you are capable of applying the techniques when put under pressure.

Print your Grading Sheets and view videos of complete demonstrations for each Student Grade below.

Due to the widespread use of video upload/sharing technology you can now test for official grade promotions through the Internet. Upon mastering all chapters, you will need to digitally record yourself conducting them in the exact format that is demonstrated by the WT instructors in the Sample Test Video. Then, upload your video Here where it will be viewed and evaluated by a master at the BDS headquarters. Listed below are some important details regarding the video evaluation process:

  • Introduce yourself and your training partner: To begin the video we need to see you and learn who you are. Tell your name, country, the Student Grade you are testing for and who your training partner is.
  • Uniforms required: Just like in a one-on-one test it is essential that you and your training partner wear the official BDS Uniform (consisting of the Wing Tsjun butterfly jacket and WTI pants) along with the current Grading Patch attached to the right sleeve of your Butterfly Jacket. All uniforms can be ordered through WTISHOP.COM or through any national BDS Office.
  • Talking Through the Moves: We understand that it may be difficult to memorize all the techniques in the exact order. However, please refrain from talking through the moves so that we may assess your true reflexes.
  • One Continuous Shot: In order to test your true understanding of the techniques, you must conduct each chapter of the program in one minute. As a result, you may not stop the camera at any time once a drill has started. We will not evaluate your performance if you fail to shoot each chapter in one take. (Note: All chapters do not need to be shot on the same day)
  • Film the Details: We cannot give you credit unless we SEE the technique. Focus on effectively angling your body towards the camera so that we can clearly see the essential details of each move.

For additional video evaluation tips, and to view an actual Student Grade Qualification Test video submitted by BDS students, click here.

If you are uncomfortable using the Video Evaluation Process or you simply want to test in person, we invite you to conduct a live evaluation at the BDS Academy Headquarters in Langenfeld / Germany. Here are some important details regarding the live evaluation process:

  1. Bring a Friend: If you choose to be evaluated in person at the BDS Academy, you may conduct the test with a training partner of your choice. However, bringing a training partner is not a must.
  2. Stay Relaxed: The most important consideration during any evaluation is the quality of the technique. The most common mistake you are likely to make during a live evaluation is to rush nervously through the drills and jeopardize the quality of your execution. Although it is important that your techniques are conducted reflexively, you must remain calm and only go as quickly as "outstanding technique" will allow.
  3. Prepare Diligently: With the video evaluation process, you can re-shoot your execution of the programs as many times as you’d like before you submit them. During a live evaluation, you will only have one chance to execute each drill. If your performance does not meet the BDS Academy standards, you will fail the test and must retest at a later date. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you prepare diligently to minimize the chance of errors during the live evaluation.
  4. Scheduling an appointment at the BDS HQ or any other national head office for a physical examination: To take a Student Test in person at the BDS Academy Headquarters, call (49) 2173 2972015 to schedule the evaluation with a Certified Instructor or send an E-Mail to

If you should prefer to book an appointment with a national director of a country other than Germany please visit to choose a country of your liking. Note, that the Black Belt test can only be conducted by GM Thommy Luke Boehlig personally.

Each time you submit a test it is thoroughly evaluated by one BDS Academy instructor and often double checked for accuracy by another. Due to the significant amount of time that is required from each evaluating instructor, you will be required to pay an evaluation fee. Please keep in mind, however, that although you will need to pay the evaluation fee each time you take a test, when you pass a test, you will receive your grading patch and promotion certificate for free.

Video Evaluation Fee: €80

  • Official Grading Patch Upon passing the test you will be sent an official Wing Tsjun International Grading Patch. These patches cannot be purchased; they can only be earned by Wing Tsjun students.
  • Personalized Certificate: Along with the patch, you will receive a diploma, certifying that you officially earned the Student Grade bearing your name and official rank under the BDS Academy.
  • Detailed Report: Regardless of whether you pass or fail the test, you will receive a detailed report via email outlining your test score, general strengths, general weaknesses, and the specific techniques on which point-deductions were made.

Live Evaluation Fee: €120

If you schedule a private testing session with a certified BDS examiner, you may also participate in a regular grading seminar held at any of our accredited schools. In this case the fee will be much lower (usually between €55 and €65).

  • One-On-One Testing: If you should decide to schedule a one-on-one testing session with a BDS examiner, you will not have to bring a training partner. The examiner will personally test you in all relevant topics and give you immediate feedback.
  • Certification Procedure: If you pass the test, you will receive your Student Grade while still at the BDS Academy. In addition to this, you will also be awarded a personalized certificate, recognizing you as an official Wing Tsjun Student Grade.
  • Detailed Report: Regardless of whether you pass or fail, upon completing the live test, the evaluating instructor will provide you with a detailed explanation of each mistake that was made during each chapter so that you know which techniques need attention going forward.

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