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WT Online Academy FAQ´s

Are there any hidden fees to signing up at the WT Online Academy?

Registering on this website is absolutely free and we’ve even included a few free videos for your convenience.
Only the program videos have to be paid.

As for your options, you can:

  • Unlock all twelve student grades at once
  • Unlock each student grade separately
  • Unlock segments of each student grade


How safe is my information?

The safety of your data is important to us and for that reason, the information you give to us will only be used for internal purposes. It will never be released or sold to a third party. You will be added to our mailing list (from which you can unsubscribe at any time, just send us an E-mail to and we will treat your data with the utmost confidentially.

My goal is to eventually own my own BDS School. What are my options?

Learning Kung Fu has always been a very personal thing, henceforth getting to know you and creating a mutual vision is the first and foremost thing for me, as a Sifu.

Once you have your training partner and you have begun to train in our programs, we can set up a Skype or Facetime session to discuss further steps. I will introduce you to the people with whom you will be working and explain how we function (as far as marketing, curriculum and training methods are concerned). Also, we can feel out whether or not working together would be a good fit.

When it comes to joining our BDS family, I place much more emphasis on personal interaction than simply on how good your Kung Fu is. I’m looking for reliable and trustworthy people with whom I can look forward to a long term, and successful, working-relationship.


I already have a martial arts school and I would like to teach the BDS Wing Tsjun programs at my school. How can I proceed?

If you already have a group, then we will offer to host a seminar at your school.

Every instructor has a flat rate so you are pretty much free to charge your students what you feel comfortable with. 
Once the expenses are covered the rest of the fees go to you!
So, the more students you get to participate in the seminar, the more money you will earn.

Here are the available Sifus you can book for seminars and their conditions:

Grandmaster Thommy Luke Boehlig

Sifu David Martin Pascual (5th Level Master)

Sifu Tobias Kleinhans (4th Level Technician)

Please check for their bios.

If you should decide to book one of the instructors above then you have to provide flight, hotel and a seminar fee. 
This fee depends on which instructor you book. 
Booking has to be done through an E-Mail to or by phone call to the BDS HQ (+49 2173 297 2015).

During the meeting you will be able to take free private lessons with me (or whichever Sifu you’ve booked) as well as attend the seminar, after which we will have lots of time to talk about how to get your school going.

BDS (Boehlig Defense Systems) offers a professional marketing program that guides you through  all 52 weeks of the year; it is my proven formula that will get your national branch going in no time-- as long as you invest some time into learning, and applying, what we teach you.



How often would you be able to visit my country?

Once we agree to establish a cooperation, we would then set up dates for a monthly training session that either Sifu David Martin (5th Level Master), Sifu Tobias Kleinhans (4th Level Technician) or myself will conduct. The idea is to gather a small group of your students (in order to cover the expenses) so we can help get you up and running as fast as possible.

We would also hold gradings at your school every second month (during these sessions) to test both you and your students in the current programs, and to promote you to the next rank.



The national director position

Acting as a national director costs time, emotion and effort. We will supply you with everything you need to get you started (BDS brand book, website, articles, logos, uniforms, templates for flyers, posters, E-mail addresses in BDS corporate design etc.).

I expect devotion and hard work so we not only get you the good start your school needs, but also to make sure it’s prosperous over time. I have had much success starting and developing many financially successful schools and I´m more than willing to share this knowledge with those who are willing to apply it.



Which rights does a national director have?

First of all, we do not offer the position of national director to just anyone. I have seen so many others fail in my career, so I only offer the position to those already running their own school. In addition, I am looking for someone with the “right attitute“, in regards to his/her work ethics. Of course a national director has rights, but the responsibilities prevail.

Minimum requirement to becoming a national director is the 1st level Technician in Wing Tsjun.

A national director:

  • Opens Wing Tsjun schools in his/her country.
  • Issues under-licences to his/her students for Wing Tsjun schools for a fee.
  • Holds grading sessions, seminars and private lessons in his/her country.
  • Puts students through grading 1-12 and in accordance with the BDS guidelines.
  • Produces and sells Wing Tsjun articles in his/her country only (not in other parts of the world).
  • Makes certain that the BDS standard and CI is present in all of his/her schools.
  • Sends a monthly report about the development in his/her country to the BDS HQ.
  • Participates in the annual national director´s meeting during/at the summer camp.
  • Purchases the diplomas for the student and instructor grades exclusively from BDS, under special national trainer conditions.
  • Buys martial arts clothing like uniforms, gloves, shoes, etc either through the BDS shop or produces them himself/herself. All self-produced items have to be approved in writing by BDS.
  • Runs a professional website to represent his/her country.



When is the title of Sifu awarded and what would I have to do in order to be one?

You need: 

1. To be a 2nd Level Technician for at least two years 

2. Have at least one student eho reached the 1st Level Technician under your supervision 

3. Have a minimum of 50 students

4. Have been proven to be beneficial and loyal for the organization for a while (in other words, I would like to get to know you!)

The Sifu title is free of charge!



I am already a high student level or technician grade for another organization. What happens to my grades if I join the BDS?

You keep your grade but have to learn our syllabus so you can teach the BDS programs.  

Are there waiting periods between earning technician grades?

We don ?t have waiting periods like many other organizations do. There is a guideline of one year preparation time between the 12th SG and the 1st TG and also the 1st and the 2nd, and then there ?s two years between the 2nd and 3rd as well as 3rd and 4th, but generally speaking when the student is ready, he’s ready. We don’t believe in keeping our students down...

Will I and my students be able to book private lessons with you?

Of course. A private session usually takes 45 minutes and costs 80€ (BDS member) or 100€ (non-member). However, if you should be the school owner organizing a seminar for me and one of your students books a private lesson with me then you are welcome to participate free of charge.




Who can I turn to for help?

Our users are the base of everything we do on this website so as a user you are important to us. we are here for you if you should run into any problems.

Feel free to E-Mail us to or call us at +49 2173 297 2015 and leave a message if you should call outside our business hours. You will always get a response within 24 hours.

When testing, is there a written Syllabus by which the techniques should be demonstrated?

Yes, there is a written syllabus that explains you exactly in which order the techniques and sequences will have to be performed once you decide to test. We call them Grading Sheets. You can find them here.

Is there any particular limit of time frame on grading or if you know the material do you just grade?

When you´re ready, you´re ready. Your performance on video will ultimately show us if you really are.
There is a reference video for what a first student grading should look like.
You can view it here.

Do I have to  purchase a uniform?

Yes, the person testing will have to wear an official BDS uniform in their video.
Uniforms can be purchase at

Will my training partner need to be on the program or can it just be me?

It´s enough if the person testing is enrolled in the program. Obviously it will make sense to shoot two videos with each of you testing
since your training partner will have to learn a big chunk of the material anyway, especially when you work in the Chi Sao programs.
So it´s recommended that they send a testing video too since they already know a lot f the curriculum anyway but that´s only my recommendation.

If I test for a grade and fail, how long do I have to wait before I can re-test and are there additional fees?

Every time you upload a video you will have to pay the testing fee since each time we will take a lot of time viewing your video and sending you a detailed report in the hope that you will need a maximum of two attempts.

Will I be an official BDS WT instructor or black belt equivalent once I pass the 12th student grade?

No. Once you have completed the 8th student grade you will be invited to participate in a two day instructor qualification course that usually takes place in Langenfeld, Germany.
During this two day course you will learn how to teach the WT programs and gain additional knowledge on how to become a school owner.
Here are some of the topics we tackle in the IQC:

  • group education & didactics
  • WT theory, history & terminology
  • the law of self-defense
  • marketing & the martial arts business
  • first aid & anatomy

When shooting a video for testing, do I just shoot one long video with gaps or editing and can I refer to the grading sheet to see what's next after initial techniques and set an alarm if some sort for 1 minute intervals when doing the required techniques?
The camera should roll during the one minute shot. Once you are done, you can stop it and review the grading sheet. When you´re ready, switch the camera back on and perform the next one minute sequence.
Of course you can set an alarm so you know when the minute is over.

When the video is recorded, is it uploaded directly to your server or uploaded and shared with you on Youtube?

You can upload your video directly to the server. But if you prefer to send a private youtube link then feel free to do that
and use the following email address:

What will the examiner be looking for when evaluating my video and is there a pass mark?

The main thing for us is that we see routined performance of the techniques and sequences (a flow if you will), we have to be able to see that the techniques are applied in the correct angles and that there is a certain speed and control in them.

In other words we are looking for:

  • accuracy
  • speed &
  • control

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